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September 1st, 2016


Five Minutes With: Bassam Alkassar, CEO, FMS Tech

Oil & Gas Middle East delves beneath the corporate strategy to find out what really makes the industry's leaders tick

The ever-evolving energy market

Oil companies are expecting their service providers to react to cuts in CAPEX budgets and are renegotiating contracts with OFSE companies in order to meet their new targets

Clamour grows in gas-squeezed MENA

Demand for power generation, petrochemical projects and re-injection has far outpaced gas exploration and production, resulting in these once gas-exporting countries having to look for suppliers

Procurement is the low oil price panacea

As the regional oil and gas industry teeters along in a period of sub-par crude oil prices, businesses can boost their competitiveness through effective procurement and supply chain strategies

In harmony with Saudi Vision 2030

Oil & Gas Middle East is honoured to be a media partner of SAOGE 2016

Oman: A precarious yet poised outlook

Maturing and challenging oil and gas fields, low oil prices, and languishing economic diversification plans mean that Oman faces intensifying pressure and shortened payrolls

Iran paves the way for fresh investment

The Islamic Republic's government has launched the new model for the Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC), by virtue of which it hopes to attract billions of dollars in investments towards its oil and gas sector

Special Report: The need for skill

Chris Muir, talks about the growing demand for training in this region, and why he believes the Middle East's energy sector is still keen to invest in employee development

Spcl Rpt: Training is key to the industry's future

Ingenious technologies and innovative knowledge-based solutions are the magic bullets in the embattled oil and gas industry's offensive against low oil prices

Special Report: The skilled will stay the course

OPITO is a training organisation with a mandate to serve the skills and educational needs of the oil and gas sector, as well as set global benchmarks in the industry

Spcl Rpt: Downturn heralds a new, skill-driven era

The industry needs more talent, improved employee skill-sets and enhanced training and development if it is to win its fight against the current plummeting prices, plunging profitability and dipping demand

An era that favours survival of the skilled

As the financially strained regional industry strives to do more with less, only workers that possess outstanding skills and a willingness to learn can hope to stay the course

O&G Awards: What is this year's jury looking for?

The judging panel for the Oil & Gas and Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East Awards 2016 is bigger than ever this year, and is composed of highly experienced industry professionals who have the acumen to recognise the sector's most talented players

Cover story: Enormous repository

During a site tour of the GCC's largest private crude oil and refined products storage complex, management executives from the Fujairah Oil Terminal talk about how the northern emirate's strategic location is fuelling the company's expansion

Taking heart in the resilience of midstream

Despite low oil prices wreaking havoc on the upstream sector, the logistics and storage segment remains well insulated

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