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April 1st, 2014


Iran & Russia on export collision course

Central Asia and Europe highlighted as flash points

Turnkey contracts hamper innovation

Contractor driven business practices could be stifling efficiency

Middle East underinvesting in ICT infrastructure

Investment in ICT in the oil & gas industry is hampering

Oil & gas automation drives efficiency

The oil & gas industry cannot survive without process automation

UAE to develop Oil Spill Contingency Plan

Recent oil spills have prompted government action

Scada's fatal flaw

Vulnerability in Scada systems makes them an ideal cyber-attack target

The challenges of offshore decommissioning

Brian Nixon looks at the inherent problems of removing mature offshore

Last Word with ... Prasanth Sreekumar

Last Word with ... Prasanth Sreekumar

Easy oil is over

UAE needs to look more and more closely at EOR

What is Smart Mud?

Researchers poised to develop pipeline nano sensor technology

The brownfield dilemma

Decisions about how and when to implement techniques are difficult

Promoting in-country value

Localisation is not just about filling seats with local people

HSE Risks: Dealing with corrosion

If it's made of metal, then the chances are that it will corrode

Top 25 innovative companies

The companies who are driving innovation in the industry

Oil landscape undergoes change

Unconventionals are unlocking big opportunities

African oil invites UAE savvy

NOCs can bring expertise to bear in the extraction of African crude

Will IOCs leave Iraq?

Persistent attacks and low profit margins are leading to uncertainty

Tendeka's Technologies Drive Operational Safety

Tendeka's Technologies Drive Operational Efficiency

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