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Middle East underinvesting in ICT infrastructure The Middle East's ageing ICT infrastructure is hampering the regions ability to implement innovative technologies.

Middle East underinvesting in ICT infrastructure

Investment in ICT in the oil & gas industry is hampering

 •   Top Technology Players for the downstream industry
 •   Hallibuton opens new technology centre

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Progress but no solution: the KRG-Baghdad oil deal

Progress but no solution: the KRG-Baghdad oil deal

How long will the latest export deal last?
Rocky road ahead

Rocky road ahead

2009 will prove tight for new entrants, but relationships built in the last cycle will sustain the established upstream players.
Unsustainable apathy

Unsustainable apathy

Only by raising public awareness will the message get through.
Unsustainable water apathy

Unsustainable water apathy

Experts have predicted that one-third of the world's population will live in areas of severe water shortage by 2025.

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