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Will IOCs leave Iraq? Dr Ali Mahdi Al Dabbagh says that hydrocarbons contracts are unlikely to be renegotiated at the moment as there are currently no oil & gas laws.

Will IOCs leave Iraq?

Persistent attacks and low profit margins are leading to uncertainty

 •   Iraqi oil exports hit 2.8 million
 •   Iraq red tape threatens BP's Rumaila field
 •   $3,000 a day average to secure staff in Iraq

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COMMENT: Problems in the (ADCOP) pipeline

COMMENT: Problems in the (ADCOP) pipeline

Ill-timed ADCOP pipeline delay may change attitudes to EPC contractors    1 Comments
Exclusive: Hosnia Hashem - Driving force of SPE

Exclusive: Hosnia Hashem - Driving force of SPE

SPE regional director discusses challenges and opportunities    2 Comments
How to identify a new utility?

How to identify a new utility?

District cooling needs to build awareness if it wants to grow
Nuclear's second wind

Nuclear's second wind

Nuclear power may yet shake off the tainted image that it gained 20 years ago as a result of the high-profile Chernobyl disaster.

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