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Five minutes with: June Manoharan, managing director, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants

by Arabian Oil & Gas Staff on May 30, 2018

June Manoharan, managing director, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants.
June Manoharan, managing director, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants.

Interview with June Manoharan, managing director, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants.

Does LUKOIL carry out any blending processes at its plant in the Middle East?

Yes, as part of our global supply chain strategy to offer world-class customer service, LUKOIL has established a network of 33 blending plants globally, and we have one in the UAE as well.

Is it done by the company, or is the activity outsourced?

In the UAE, it is outsourced; but, the manufacturing and stringent quality control processes are defined and monitored by LUKOIL on very regular basis.

What are the challenges of outsourcing? How do you select the company you outsource it to?

While there are so many options to choose from, finding a right fit is often not easy. However, LUKOIL has the knowledge, experience and global clout to enlist the best manufacturing partner, which is what we have done in the UAE as well.

What are the advantages of petroleum product blending in the region?

As a responsible marketer and the fastest growing global lubricants brand, LUKOIL wants to be closer to the customer and contribute to the local economy and community, where it operates. Also, there are operational and cost advantages to customers – shorter lead time as opposed to moving products from Europe, flexibility and supply efficiency helping them manage their working capital better.

What are the products you produce through blending?

We produce and market over 150 lubricant products to meet our customer requirements from marine, auto and industrial sectors across the Middle East and South Asian markets. The product range covers from the modern to most advanced synthetic motor oils, various industrial oils, hydraulic fluids and speciality lubricants. Globally, LUKOIL International has over 700 products in its portfolio, and we have introduced over 150 of them in this region.

How do you select the optimal combination of components?

LUKOIL is a global lubricants brand and offers consistent quality and performance to its customers across the globe by adhering to its advanced formulations and uses highest quality of raw materials at all times. LUKOIL has a very robust R&D programme and competent team, which works with reputed global OEMs (car makers) in order to keep the company’s product portfolio up-to-date in response to the continuously changing needs of the industry. This collaboration helps LUKOIL to secure and maintain the prestigious approvals for its products and also work proactively to keep itself ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting newer technologies.

How can profit maximisation be achieved by local blending?

Through local blending, all stakeholders benefit actually. Our distributors get their products quicker, as they do not need to stock up huge inventory which frees up their working capital. LUKOIL stocks up most of the input resources in raw material form, which allows it the flexibility to produce whatever is needed, whenever it is needed, and meet unexpected demands of the dynamic markets in the region.

What is the difference between in-tank blending and in-line blending? Which do you follow and why?

In-tank, or batch blending is sequentially introducing measured volumes of each raw material component into a tank. They are then mixed, analysed and adjusted to meet quality specs before transferring to storage tanks. In-line blending is controlled and continuous mixing of raw material components to produce a finished lubricant of high quality. The finished product can be blended, analysed and loaded in a single process. At LUKOIL, we follow the in-tank, or batch blending process,  which provides us the advantage of flexibility to respond to very volatile customer demands, avoid cross contaminations and maintain overall low cost of product.


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