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Five minutes with: Madiha Naz, DIA’33

by Martin Menachery on Mar 26, 2018

Madiha Naz, director, technical support and product development, DIA33.
Madiha Naz, director, technical support and product development, DIA33.

Interview with Madiha Naz, director, technical support and product development, DIA’33.

What is the significance of the coatings industry in today’s business environment?

The coatings industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world which forced inventors and formulators to develop better, economical and environmentally friendly products. The industry is also the fastest growing one in the last four decades.  Globally, this industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3-8%, and out of all, Asia continues to grow faster than any other region in    the world.

What are the key innovations from the coatings industry in the recent past?

The key innovation in recent years is nanotechnology, which has transformed the coatings industry in many-fold, not only with efficient solutions for customers but also by helping in environmental and climate protection as well as health, and most importantly, with economical solutions.

For instance, very small ceramic, or metallic particles can be added to paint formulations to modify specific properties (for example, scratch, mar, wear, corrosion, and UV resistance) in highly specialised applications or use of inorganic nanoparticles as functional additives in water-borne coatings to improve properties of a self-cross-linking acrylic dispersion. Evonik and Allnex are using nanotechnology in their coating products and we are representing both of them.

DIA’33 is one of the key exhibitors for the Middle East Coatings Show Dubai 2018. Why this event is very important for DIA’33?

Every event is important for us irrespective of its size, but the Middle East Coatings Show is utmost important for DIA’33 due to many reasons. We participate in the event every two years, and we always make sure to create an impact, and reach to every possible customer, or potential customer.

This is the only event where we always announce, or launch our new products, and most of our co-exhibitors come with their technical team. Again, this is the only event where we give opportunity to our customers, including potential customers, to interact with our principals directly, and also conduct training programmes and seminars for everyone.

What are the key products/services that DIA’33 is planning to showcase at the Middle East Coatings Show?

The key products that DIA’33 would showcase at the Middle East Coatings Show are Allnex’ innovative resins and additives, which are exceptional in its applications. Besides Allnex, Evonik additives and Honeywell range of metal coatings will be our key products during the show, including new pigments and PU hardeners. One of the key services showcased during the event will be our stocking facility in East Africa, for example.

What are the activities planned by DIA’33 around the Middle East Coatings Show for your customers, principals and suppliers?

We are organising seminars, training sessions, and lots of interaction between customers, principals and other team members.

Is there any major development in pipeline from DIA’33 for the coatings industry?

Our new line of products for the coatings industry, which we will launch during MECS 2018, is the metal coatings which include metal surface coatings and electroplating. These coatings are from Honeywell and are very specialised ones. We would also launch new series of pigments and additives from Allnex, especially for paints and coatings industry, and PU hardeners. There are few more products which we will announce during the show.


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