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Coatings industry: From solvent-borne to water-worn

by Martin Menachery on Mar 26, 2018

Nadeem Raza, group CEO, DIA'33.
Nadeem Raza, group CEO, DIA'33.

Coatings industry is now focused on environment-friendly solutions with focus on minimising VOCs, reducing carbon footprint, converting solutions from solvent-borne to water-borne, and eliminating hazardous and carcinogenic additives and ingredients.

In today’s business environment, economies are gauged and rated upon their infrastructural growth that directly account as a major contributor to the GDP growth of any country, or economy, and coatings industry is the backbone of such infrastructural growth.

Coatings are not just the paints on the wall. Coatings are the experiential aspect of infrastructure – whether it is an urban complex, upstream, or downstream industry, automotive business, electronic hardware, and products that we touch and feel –everything is incomplete without a coating.

The general applications of industrial coatings are enormous and diverse. These are applied in sectors like automotive, construction, marine, oil and gas, metallurgy, aerospace, mining, packaging, printing, etc. The possibilities are endless, and innovations unremitting.

Recent key innovations

Like any other industry today, coatings industry is no less dynamic and pioneering. In recent years, the industry has witnessed ground-breaking innovative changes with more focus on reducing hazardous coatings and replacing those with new additives which make the final coatings safe for humans and the environment. This has been one of the most revolutionary changes that the industry leaders have dedicatedly worked upon, and which is still evolving.

Considering health and environmental regulations, the coatings industry has taken intensive development effort in which experts are working tirelessly to reduce VOC (volatile organic compound) content of finished coating products and making those more energy efficient.

New environmental friendly technologies, renewable raw materials and responsible manufacturing are the key initiatives being followed by large, reputed raw material producers and coating manufacturers around the globe.

Carbon footprint reduction without making any concessions to the coating quality is crucial. All innovations are aimed at saving planet Earth, and the technology is focussed on manufacturing environment-friendly products which are on water-, powder-, UV- and plant-based technologies.

All these technologies are intrinsically lower in carbon footprint in the final applications versus solvent-borne systems, for example, polyurethane dispersions, polyesters and epoxies for powder coatings, various acrylates for UV-cured plastic coatings, pigment pastes, easily dispersible powder pigments, etc.

“DIA’33 is no exception and its product development team has been working diligently to build its portfolio to focus on greener and safer products that could replace conventional products used to develop/produce various coatings,” says Nadeem Raza, group CEO, DIA’33.

“The company, since its inception, has kept it focus on water-borne solutions compared to solvent-borne. Today, DIA’33 is supported by world’s renowned names, and excels in decorative coating solutions, protective coatings for industrial applications, automotive coatings, and fire-resistant and anti-corrosive coatings, broadly.”

DIA’33 team has been working on various modified and hybrid solutions for coatings industry with major focus on the applications like anti-corrosive coating solutions with low VOC ingredients, fire-retardant coatings, fire-retarding materials for safer high-rise structures, and dust-free coatings.

The Middle East Coatings Show

The Middle East Coatings Show (MECS) Dubai 2018 reflects new innovations in construction, paints, coatings, inks and adhesive industries. Every year, the formulators of paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants, producers of additives and construction chemicals, industrial processors, and representatives from science and research discuss the latest developments in the coatings industry.

Coatings industry has become one of the most important businesses in today’s age. Without coatings, product lives might be shortened drastically and many products may not even be marketable.

“Since DIA33 has its hands in all such applications, events like the MECS serve as  great business platforms focused on the coatings industry, while combining a three-day professional conference and exhibition. It offers a unique opportunity for suppliers of coatings and construction raw materials to present their products and services, and to be in close contact with the most consequential decision makers, operating within the entire Middle East,” Raza comments. “Many of the visitors are the owners, directors and key executives of various companies, giving DIA’33 the chance to meet an extremely high number of decision makers all under one roof.”

“As the coatings industry has remained very innovative and dynamic, we have witnessed, learned and adopted many developments. In recent times, there has been a global shift to eco-friendly products and DIA’33 has played a vital role, in this regard, in delivering the latest solutions and products to its customers,” reveals Raza.

Industry is now more focused on environmental friendly solutions with major focus on reducing VOCs, cutting down carbon footprint, converting solutions from solvent-borne to water-borne, and eliminating additives and ingredients, which are hazardous or carcinogenic.


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