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Suppliers You Should Know: DIA’33 – Transforming from a distributor to a solution provider

by Arabian Oil & Gas Staff on Dec 17, 2017

Nadeem Raza, group CEO, DIA33.
Nadeem Raza, group CEO, DIA33.

DIA’33 is a specialty chemicals solution provider operating throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Far East and Pacific. The company seeks to utilise pioneering solutions and logistics, and have become a preferred partner for the customers and suppliers. The company’s goal is to work alongside customers and solve their challenges with efficiency and quality products.

Incorporated in January 2011, DIA’33 had a modest beginning with an ambitious vision. Today, it has more than 14 subsidiaries and associate companies focusing on specialty chemicals for paints, coatings, construction, plastics, personal care, inks, adhesives etc.

DIA’33 provides innovative solutions to their customers, whether one needs custom chemical blends, bulk chemical products, or chemical storage and packaging. The company offers quality chemicals and chemical distribution to over 280 customers across 26 countries.

“Working closely with our world-leading suppliers, customers benefit from DIA’33’s technical expertise and market knowledge to optimise their formulations and enhance performance. We share industry insights, technical expertise and local knowledge with every customer, clearing a path to new markets and future opportunities,” said Nadeem Raza, group CEO, DIA’33.

“We are committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements and applicable quality standards and specifications. This is achieved through a total commitment to the effective business,” added Raza.

“Being a solution provider, customers depend on us for new technologies and product sourcing to respond to their changing requirements. Generally, a supplier presents a solution completely from their own perspective and seeks to solve it with their sole chemistry,” said Madiha Naz, director, technical support and product development, DIA’33.“We often suggest multiple chemistries and formulation options to solve formulation quandaries, availing our customers select the optimal solution. We also distil market information from across our broad network to deliver insights into market trends that help our customers shape their strategies,” remarked Naz.

DIA’33 brings value to customers by focusing on helping them drive product development excellence, understand market trends and new technologies, and to create overall supply chain plans to manage their total cost of ownership. The company plays a vital role in supporting the growth of multiple production industries and contribute to diversified, knowledge-based expansions.

DIA’33 provides broad reach and product access to customers so that they can achieve optimised supply chain to balance supply needs and manage costs. The company is able to deliver value above and beyond distribution by simplifying customers’ sourcing process and outsourcing key services like inventory management, and blending and accessing a bundle of products.

The chemical industry stands at an inflection point where digitalisation is making advancement in the business, challenging the conventional industry wisdom approaches. Within this hyper competitive environment, progressive manufacturers are already adapting digital platforms to reduce errors and streamline operations vying for profitable growth in global markets.

Keeping up with the trend of ‘knowing everything about anything, anytime’, DIA’33 adopts ERP systems as the single source of information that helps manage important functions such as product planning, inventory, shipping and payment.

Companies striving to ascend the chemical value chain are on the lookout for the best solution providers. However, with considerable players in the market apparatus of the chemical industry, deciding the right partner with the right solution becomes a heavy task for most enterprises.

Everyday facing challenges in servicing customers including shipment availability and delivery issues, changing regulations and supply security and inventory, DIA’33 has addressed various challenges in multiple ways.The company has established a well-vetted network of suppliers to accommodate their customers with the best solutions. DIA’33 has the knowledge and expertise to safely and securely distribute chemicals that industries need for their business.

With its global presence and availability of more than 14 offices and several storage points, DIA’33 has the ability to develop and utilise its combined resources and business channels, not available to many smaller distribution entities.

DIA’33 believes that this consolidation has, and will, continue to enhance its position in the marketplace.


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