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Special Report: Environmentally friendly two-stroke engine runs on ethane

by Arabian Oil & Gas Staff on Aug 2, 2017

The 7G50ME-C9.5-GIE engine aboard Gaschem Beluga.
The 7G50ME-C9.5-GIE engine aboard Gaschem Beluga.

The world's first ME-GIE (-Gas Injection Ethane) two-stroke engine has successfully passed gas trials on board Gaschem Beluga, an LEG (liquefied ethylene gas) carrier, while sailing between Houston and the Bahamas.

The Mitsui-MAN B&W 7G50ME-C9.5-GIE unit is the first in a series of two engines acting as main propulsion for two such LEG carriers of 36,000m3 ordered by Hartmann Reederei of Germany and Ocean Yield of Norway, and constructed at Sinopacific Offshore Engineering (SOE) in China.

MAN Diesel & Turbo personnel monitored proceedings aboard the vessel and reported successful operation on ethane with the ME-GIE responding as expected to different loads. No gas leaks were observed while ethane levels in the double-walled piping were constant and comfortably under the LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) of the gas.

Pioneering technology 

Gaschem Beluga subsequently crossed the Atlantic on its way to Europe, powered solely by ethane, and has already achieved a total of 550 operational hours.

Captain Ulrich Adami, fleet manager, Hartmann Reederei, said: “Developing and finalising this type of vessel was hard work for the whole team and the process took several years. Therefore, we already knew that Gaschem Beluga is a very good ship with a pioneering technology. But there is always a difference between a plan and its successful implementation. We are proud that we achieved the expected results entirely.”

René Sejer Laursen, sales and promotion manager, MAN Diesel & Turbo, said: “The reports from the ME-GIE trials and first operational experiences are very encouraging and  confirm  our  faith  in  this  ground-breaking technology.”

“While the engine is  primarily  designed  for the  combustion  of  ethane  gas,  our  research shows  that  it  is  also  possible  to  operate  the engine  on  other  gas  types.  This  development is  particularly  exciting  as  it  opens  the  prospect  for  multi-fuel  combustion,  including  the combustion  of   methane,   waste   gas,  and  volatile    organic    compounds    (VOCs),” added Laursen.

Indeed, MAN Diesel & Turbo’s research recently confirmed that ME-GIE operation on VOCs is feasible, making it an eminently suitable main driver within the shuttle tanker and Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) segments.

Gaschem Beluga is equipped with a propulsion package supplied by MAN Diesel & Turbo, Frederikshavn (Denmark). It includes a remote control system AT3000, a VBS 1350-ODS Mk5 CP propeller, and a shaft generator with frequency converter that enables it to run on variable speed between 80 to 100rpm. MAN Diesel & Turbo currently has eight ME-GIE engines on order.

The benefits of the ME-GIE’s diesel-type combustion can now be fully exploited by its ability to operate on almost any gas quality – without any reduction in efficiency – and through a complete combustion maintained by a relatively high gas-injection pressure.

The engine will be able to run on a mixture of LPG and methane, or ethane, with an unchanged gas-mode efficiency. Such a mixture may comprise as much as 50 percent LPG, while MAN Diesel & Turbo’s findings thus far indicate that an even greater LPG percentage can be used.

Significant potential

MAN Diesel & Turbo sees significant opportunities in the development of the ME-GIE as the engine can also run on almost any form of waste gas. Such gases could be the light hydrocarbons or VOCs emitted from crude oil during storage and during the loading / unloading of crude oil.

This opens the door for new applications for the engine in, for example, shuttle tankers, for power generation in remote power plants, or in off-shore applications – such as floating production storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs) – where VOC is abundant and poses a potential environmental hazard.


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