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Supplier profile: Ali & Sons Marine Engineering

by Arabian Oil & Gas Staff on Apr 9, 2017

Mohamed Metawie, division manager at Ali & Sons Marine Engineering.
Mohamed Metawie, division manager at Ali & Sons Marine Engineering.

Could you give us a background of your regional and global operations?

The Ali & Sons Marine Engineering Factory (ASMEF) was established in 2009, as a part of the Ali and Sons Group. The facility has been set up as a multi-discipline facility catering for both marine and oil and gas industries. Since then, the facility has delivered successful projects to ADNOC, Etisalat, in addition to various local and international major players. The facility is located in a close proximity to both onshore and offshore fields in Abu Dhabi, giving it a great logistical advantage. It is spanned over 280,000 sqm with an unrestricted water front of 545 metres, allowing it to serve a large range of vessels in addition to loading of offshore structures.

What are the main services that you provide to the oil and gas industry?

The facility has been delivering new build ships, jackups, in addition to jackets, topsides, skids and modules. Additionally, the facility is certified to produce pressure vessels, piping and other essential products such as tanks and containerised substations.

How did your company fare in 2016? What plans do you have for 2017?

The year 2016 has been a great year where we were awarded a large number of containerised substations for ADCO, a large award for fabrication of interconnection modules for the UZ750 project for ZADCO, in addition to delivering the largest vessel built in Abu Dhabi for Etisalat; the vessel is considered the most advanced, environmentally friendly cable layer today. We entered 2017 with a good backlog and we are working hard to gain more awards. But we at ASMEF is putting our greatest effort in continuing with the same efficiency and quality.

Could you share with us a list of your oil and gas clientele?

We have been working with different companies from the ADNOC Group, such as ZADCO, to which we delivered the largest substation for the upgrade of Zirco island airport, a large structure project for the UZ750. For ADCO we are about to deliver 25 substations. We have been working on various projects with ESNAAD, NMDC on vessels repairs and modifications. We have delivered static equipment and boat landings to ADMA.

Tell us more about the upstream projects that you have worked?

We have been serving the upstream industry all the way from drilling to production, and working with drilling contractors on major refurbishment projects. ASMEF has completed the largest refurbishment project on a drilling rig ‘Noha’s Arc’, a LTE 116E class rig. Additionally, we are currently working on Modules for the UZ750 project for ZADCO, and containerised substations for ADCO mender field.

Tell us about a specific service that you think stands out in the market.

ASMEF has been working on various services and support facilities that improve manpower utilisation in addition to reducing logistics and associated costs. One of the facilities we introduced is the ‘One Stop Shop’ which is a multi-purpose workshop that is certified and authorised by various OEMs to perform jobs on their equipment. This has reduced the time needed to bring personnel from overseas and eliminated the need for equipment to be sent overseas for repairs. This in turn reduces cost for our clients’ project while maintaining high quality services.

How do you think is the general state of affairs in the downturn?

Despite the plunge in oil prices, we firmly believe that various projects will take off soon as they are necessary for keeping utilities going. Additionally, as a reaction to the sudden plunge in low oil prices, panic took over common sense and many companies deferred their budgets to later years rendering assets in dire need of services and upgrades. This will create a rush of work by the end of 2017 and start of 2018.


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