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Special Report: Predictive intelligence

by Arabian Oil & Gas Staff on Jan 12, 2017

Rotating machines in every plant have the ability to impact production if they fail.
Rotating machines in every plant have the ability to impact production if they fail.

Five percent of the rotating machines in every plant have the ability to impact production if they fail. Although critical machines have vibration shutdown protection systems in place to prevent catastrophic failure, is plant really protected?

Predictive intelligence is a key component to increasing availability and improving the reliability of plant assets. Emerson CSI 6500 ATG protection system is a stand-alone machinery protection solution that allows users to cost-effectively introduce prediction monitoring of critical assets from the same system. Traditional protection systems come with specific limitations. They lack prediction data for advanced warning of developing problems. They require an OPC server to tie back to the digital control system. They require a trip to the control room or field cabinet view of the data.

With the CSI 6500 ATG, it is no longer necessary to return to the control room or open cabinets in the field to view or analyse data. The CSI 6500 ATG protection system comes with flexible cards that can be configured to acquire prediction data, an embedded OPC server, and a mobile app for viewing data from anywhere on the plant network. CSI 6500 ATG multi-functional cards can be easily reconfigured for a wide range of measurements, including the impacting or peak-to-peak data used in Emerson’s unique PeakVue technology.

In addition to monitoring the start-up and coastdown of critical turbo machinery for safe operation, users will be able to utilise PeakVue technology to identify the earliest indications of developing faults in gearboxes and bearings. Greater flexibility of the cards will help with fewer inventory spares, as well.

According to a US National Response Center recent study, it costs 50 percent more to repair a machine after it has failed versus predicting the failure and thus planning for the repair costs.

“For users whose budget does not cover the cost of both a protection and a prediction system, getting prediction data from a protection system is an incremental step towards improving the insight on asset health,” said Asad Malik, Reliability Solutions Sales Leader for Emerson Automation Solutions MEA.

PeakVue technology cuts through the complexity of machinery analysis to provide a simple, reliable indication of equipment health. It works through a single trend that filters out traditional vibration signals to focus exclusively on impacting. This focus provides a much better indicator of overall asset health on pumps, motors, or other types of rolling-element bearing machine.

Emerson is a global leader of combined technologies for integration to digital control systems and plant-wide predictive technologies for managing both fixed and rotating assets. The CSI 6500 ATG helps prevent missed trips by using module self-health checking, instrumentation health monitoring and hot swappable, external, redundant power. External power removes heat and user ‘touches’ away from the rack. The same architecture is used in all Emerson integration to digital controls systems and critical SIS systems.

The reliability professional can look at all available information about a critical machine – including external inputs such as bypasses, and outputs such as trips, and whether they are active or not. The CSI ATG system complies with the traditional API 670 certification and is certified for installation in demanding environments where Class 1 Div2/ATEX Zone 2 approvals are required.


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