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Borouge showcases petchem innovations at ArabPlast

by Martin Menachery on Jan 8, 2017

Borouge is participating in ArabPlast 2017 as the principal sponsor.
Borouge is participating in ArabPlast 2017 as the principal sponsor.

Participating in ArabPlast 2017, the regional rubber, plastics and petrochemicals industry trade show, as principal sponsor, Borouge highlighted its portfolio of locally made and developed innovative, value-creating plastics solutions.

“Our innovative solutions have been carefully designed and engineered to open new opportunities for the entire value chain,” observed Hazeem Sultan Al Suwaidi, senior vice president, Middle East, Africa and exports, Borouge. “The unique properties of Borouge’s pellets continue to empower customers of all sizes and underscores the UAE’s growing importance as a regional petrochemical powerhouse that exports its products to over 50 countries. We have the right people, facilities, know-how and innovation capabilities to contribute significantly to the growing demand for quality plastics across the Middle East, Africa and Asia and increase our contribution to the UAE economy, now and in the future,” added Al Suwaidi.

Marking the birth of the plastics industry in the UAE, Borouge started with a single 450,000 tonnes per year production facility in Ruwais in 2001. Currently, Borouge owns the world’s largest integrated polyolefin complex with a production capacity of 4.5 million tonnes of differentiated polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) pellets.

“Many of our unique polymer grades have also resulted from our innovation centre in Abu Dhabi, with more than 15% of annual sales volume being derived directly from products developed at the centre,” said Al Suwaidi.

Borouge utilises advanced proprietary technologies such as Borstar, Borlink and Borstar Nucleation Technology (BNT) to produce the most innovative and value-creating plastics solutions in the market. The superior attributes of Borouge’s solutions are weight reduction, higher productivity, energy savings, enhanced functionality, improved safety, durability, aesthetic performance, recyclability and low carbon footprint. While Borouge’s plastics solutions have proven to enhance customers’ businesses, these play a positive role in people’s lives through addressing major global challenges such as climate change, access to water and sanitation, food protection, energy conservation, healthcare and waste management.

For its comprehensive range of pipe applications, infrastructure owners and pipe producers have long chosen Borouge. Ensuring a healthy population and clean, safe city centres, the company’s pipe solutions support the safe and reliable operation of municipal utilities such as gas, water and sewage. Borouge’s solutions, setting standards in the industry, add value through improved processing characteristics, lower maintenance, lower installation costs, longer product lifetimes, increased safety and no leakages.

The chemical resistance and mechanical properties of Borouge’s pipe solutions of PE and PP make them ideal for new industrial plants, and large infrastructure and construction projects. These offer superior toughness and improved corrosion resistance, even in salt water or chemical environments, compared to standard pipes. Providing solutions in insulation, semi-conductive and jacketing, Borouge also has a proven track record of being a major supplier to the wire and cable industry. Through its global brands Borlink, Visico / Ambicat, Borstar and Casico, which offer multiple benefits to customers, Borouge has pioneered advances in insulation systems and jacketing solutions for both energy and communications cables.

As the packaging industry is constantly looking for innovative materials to increase quality, reduce costs and improve the sustainability of their operations, Borouge provides an advanced range of solutions that utilise technologies such as Borstar and BNT for a variety of high-performance flexible and rigid packaging applications with unique property profiles. Borouge’s packaging solutions add measurable value to the end product, beyond simple product protection.


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