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Thyssenkrupp presents new technologies at GPCA

by Martin Menachery on Nov 30, 2016

Boris van Thiel, CEO, Regional Cluster Gulf States, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions
Boris van Thiel, CEO, Regional Cluster Gulf States, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

As a knowledge partner of Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) Annual Forum 2016, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions presented a line of new technologies and services, which are designed to drive efficiency and competitiveness in the downstream industry in the Middle East.

Sustainable business success is no longer only about giant paradigm shifts but more and more about delivering marginal gains in operational performance, given the current consolidation of economies. Most of the operation and maintenance programmes for the existing plants until now are focused on supervising and executing linear updates and technological exchanges. However, asset management has to go even further and be integrated fully into the plants’ management and engineering processes, to be truly able to detect the hidden cost factors in order to boost a plant’s efficiency. Put together, engineering competence, plant building experience and integrated asset management help unlock unutilized capabilities and improve the overall performance and efficiency to achieve higher performance and profit margins.

Johan P Cnossen, COO, Industrial Solutions, thyssenkrupp, said: “We have been in this region for more than 70 years, developing solutions that enable the energy and industrial sectors to operate at their full potential. However, the landscape for the industry is changing with a focus on protecting and sustaining margins in a volatile market. We believe that in today’s low-growth climate, the cumulative effect of every one percent improvement across the business can lead to a quantum leap in productivity and performance. The focus on progress will switch to a sustained marginal approach that supports a collection of small gains that will add up to be of consequence in the long term.”

Boris van Thiel, CEO, Regional Cluster Gulf States, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, said: “Against the backdrop of calls for innovation in lifecycle management and proactive operation and maintenance solutions, thyssenkrupp provides an integrated approach to increase the performance and reliability of production plants. With globally stabilizing feedstock process, the challenge for the downstream industry in the Middle East, as for any industry across the world, is to focus on resource-efficient strategies. The one who is able to make the best out of the available infrastructure is the one who will be the most likely to succeed.”

With experience showing that up to 89% of all plant downtimes are not related to equipment age, the savings potential is significant. By implementing pioneering approaches, this can be significantly reduced. It helps to significantly increase the availability and hence the performance of the plant and can boost the profit substantially.

Integrated Asset Management monitors and proactively analyses all processes of the plant in order to maximize improvement and optimization potentials, while production continues at full capacity. Expert teams assess, as first step, the state of every single process, machine and component, with a special focus on detecting the hidden costs that can hurt the businesses profitability.

For example, thyssenkrupp’s maintenance work for a gearbox consists of proactive checks and analysis of vibration, temperature, oil quality and quantity as well as the alignment. If measured values are within the threshold, the gearbox will not be opened during planned shutdowns. The advantage of this approach is that it predicts failure, while minimizing downtimes and workload. However, traditional maintenance is focused on cost-intensive cyclical replacement during planned shutdowns. Therefore, partnerships are crucial for a successful implementation of Integrated Asset Management.

“Only a well-balanced combination of internal and external knowledge can guarantee the success of continuous improvement processes and performance management aligned to the business objectives”, Boris concluded.


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