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Statoil releases names of missing employees

by Arabian Oil & Gas Staff on Jan 22, 2013

Helge Lund, CET Statoil CEO speaking at a town hall meeting in Stavangar.
Helge Lund, CET Statoil CEO speaking at a town hall meeting in Stavangar.

Statoil has released an update on the situation at the In Amenas joint venture in Algeria following the attack on the facility which took place Wednesday morning (16 January 2013).

At the time of the attack, Statoil had 17 employees posted at the facility, 12 of whom have returned home to their families in Algeria, Canada and Norway. The Norwegian oil company has confirmed that the other five employees are still missing.

“Statoil is employing all channels to find our five employees and others who have been involved in the tragedy,” said Helge Lund, CET Statoil CEO in a statement published 20 January.

After consulting with the families of those affected as well as the authorities, Statoil had published the names of the five missing employees:

Tore Bech – 58 years old, Bergen
Hans M. Bjone – 55 years old, Brandbu
Victor Sneberg – 56 years old, Sandnes
Thomas Snekkevik – 35 years old, Austrheim/Bergen
Alf Vik – 43 years old, Grimstad

“The situation is still unresolved for five of our employees. Yesterday I expressed deep and increasing concern for the five who are unaccounted for. We know that there are many fatalities. A new day without answers has increased our concern and we are doing everything we can to find our five colleagues,” said Lund.

Algerian authorities are leading an extensive search and investigation operation with support from international actors, the Norwegians are also directly involved.

“We stand together at this difficult time and are now thinking of the families’ deep uncertainty and despair. We ask that everyone show them consideration in this difficult situation. We will do what we can to support them,” said Lund.



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