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Bentley announces new SACS software release

by Adam Lane on May 2, 2012

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Bentley Systems says its new infrastructure software package will help improve structural efficiencies for offshore installations.
Bentley Systems says its new infrastructure software package will help improve structural efficiencies for offshore installations.

Bentley Systems, the infrastructure software developer, has announced the launch of the latest version of its SACS software package. The programme, which is used for the design and analysis of both new and existing wind farm structures and offshore oil and gas facilities, aims to improve structural efficiencies through the use of computer models. SACS allows teams of designers to model and analyse such things as wave, wind and earthquake dynamic responses, and the effect of severe loadings on structural fatigue.

The new release of the software incorporates greater support for international design standards - including Eurocode 5 and Canada's CSA S16 – which the company says will increase the pace of project operations and open new business opportunities. It also features a greater reuse of data in detailed 3D construction modeling workflows, which is intended to reduce errors and allow designers to explore more design alternatives.

The reuse of design data is a central focus for Bentley. Malcolm Walter, the company's COO, said, "At Bentley we see the opportunity to move from digital data dying in design, to a position where we can have a digital model that continues into construction, through construction and is passed to the owner. This informs the entire lifecycle for the balance of that asset. We can now have a digital model of our asset that is an exact replica of what gets built, so even before construction we know how it will perform."

Bentley says that the software update also provides an 80% reduction in the time taken to complete fatigue damage and impact analysis through the use of multi-core processing. Wind farm operators will also benefit from greater integration with the company's GH Bladed software, for the analysis of the entire turbine structure.



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